Welcome to ZINK

Pam ZinkWith a bit of sadness, I am closing Zink Salon.

The last almost 16 years have been amazing and certainly memorable. The hairdressers that chose to have their business within these walls, I will forever be grateful for. There are so many fun times to look back on.

To all of our clients who have supported Zink over the years, I (we) thank you. Zink would be nothing without your support.

Things change and this area is becoming too difficult to maintain a salon as big as Zink. Honestly, there just aren’t new hairdressers joining our industry in this area…the young ones just can’t afford to live here anymore.

One of the saddest things will be all of us losing probably the most beautiful salon on the peninsula. (Jack’s creation) Most good things come to an end eventually. The only constant thing is change.

I will always enjoy helping people feel better about their hair and teaching both hairdressers and clients too.

I will not disappear and will let it be known where I eventually land.

Thank you to all that have been a part of Zink Salon.